XML Exercise

  1. Create a XML document which contains book records.

  2. XMl document is based on w3schools CD catalog example (http://www.w3schools.com/xml/cd_catalog.xml).

  3. You can use DnR (http://www.dr.com.tr/kategori/Kitap), Idefix (http://www.idefix.com/) or Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/) to access book information.

  4. Your XML file should have xml elements below (or more):

    1. Book Title

    2. Author

    3. Publisher

    4. ISBN

    5. Date of Publication

    6. Price

    7. URL

  5. Your XML file should contain more than 20 records.

  6. Upload your XML file to your github (first create a project called “XML”) account.

  7. Share your project URL via list (https://goo.gl/wOXH52).

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