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    Knox, Emily (2011).  Intellectual Freedom. Public Services, Quarterly, 7(1/2): 49-55. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/15228959.2010.520593

    Ekici, S. and Yilmaz, B. Attitudes of Hacettepe University, Division of Primary Education Students for Intellectual Freedom. Bilgi Dunyasi, 14(1): 17-36. [Turkish]

    ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom http://www.ala.org/offices/oif

    Readings for next week (and assignments)

    • 14 Şubat - 20 Şubat

      Background to Intellectual Freedom

                      Intellectual Freedom and Censorship History

      Kent, Brad (2014). Bernard Shaw, the British Censorship of Plays, and Modern Celebrity. English Literature in Transition 1880-1920, 57(2): 231-253.

      Harrison, Nicholas (1996). Freedom of Expression in History and in Theory. In Harrison, Nicholas. Circles of Censorship: Censorship and its Metaphors in French History, Literature, and Theory. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1996. DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198159094.003.0002

      Harrison, Nicholas (1996). Freud: The Return of the Political. In Harrison, Nicholas. Circles of Censorship: Censorship and its Metaphors in French History, Literature, and Theory. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1996. DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198159094.003.0003

      Harrison, Nicholas (1996). Freud: Counter-Censorship. In Harrison, Nicholas. Circles of Censorship: Censorship and its Metaphors in French History, Literature, and Theory. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1996. DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198159094.003.0004

      Palacios, Albert O. (2014). Preventing Heresy. Book History, 17(1): 117-164.

      • 21 Şubat - 27 Şubat

        Foundations of Intellectual Freedom in the United States

                        1st Amendment

        The 1st Amendment Center http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/about-the-first-amendment

                        ALA and Intellectual Freedom

                                        Intellectual Freedom Manual

        Asato, Noriko (2014). Librarians’ Free Speech: The Challenges of Librarian’s Own Intellectual Freedom to the American Library Association, 1946-2007. Library Trends, 63(1): http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/library_trends/v063/63.1.asato.html?


        History of the Evergreen Review http://www.evergreenreview.com/history.html


        • 28 Şubat - 5 Mart

          Intellectual Freedom in other Countries

                          International Approaches

          Singer, Nicky. Tale of an Innocent. Children's Literature in Education, 37(4): 305-312

                          Freedom to Read/Speak

          Bunt-Kokhuis, Sylvia Van De (2004). Globalization and the Freedom of Knowledge. Higher Education in Europe, 29(2): 269-284. http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=ef0ca312-a393-45cc-85c4-189fa62d0cbe%40sessionmgr4002&vid=2&hid=4205

          Ratnajeevan, S.; Hoole, H. (2007). Academic Freedom in Sri Lanka. Peace Review, 19(4): 507-520.  DOI: 10.1080/10402650701681079

          He, Qinglian (2002). Academic Freedom in China. Academe, 88(3): 26-28.

          [More Academic Freedom in Week April 24-30].

          • 6 Mart - 12 Mart

            Censorship: Content

                            Book Burning

                            Book Banning

            Von Merveldt, Nikola (2007). Books Cannot be Killed by Fire: The German Freedom Library and the American Library of Nazi-banned Books as Agents of Cultural Memory, Library Trends, 55(3): 523-535.

            • 13 Mart - 19 Mart

              Censorship in Libraries


              Latham, Joyce M. (2009). Wheat and Chaff: Carl Roden, Abe Korman, and the Definitions of Intellectual Freedom in the Chicago Public Library. Libraries and the Cultural Record, 44(3): 279-298.

              Monks, Kathleen M. et al (2014). A Statewide Survey of Censorship and Intellectual Freedom. Library Philosophy and Practice, p.1-36 http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2711&context=libphilprac

              Taylor, Kelley and McMenemy (2012). Censorship Challenges to Books in Scottish Public Libraries. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 45(2): 153-167. DOI: 10.1177/0961000611435254



              Cooper, Jessica L. (2010). Intellectual Freedom and Censorship in the Library. Community and Junior College Libraries, 16(4): 218-224.

              • 20 Mart - 26 Mart

                                Online Content Filtering

                Wagner, B. (2014). The Politics of Internet Filtering: the United Kingdom and Germany in a Comparative Perspective. Politics, 34(1): 58-71. http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=3106ae80-a0f8-4805-836d-4e74542ca5fe%40sessionmgr4003&hid=4108

                Moses, L.B. Creating Parallels in the Regulation of Content: Moving from Offline to Online. UNSW Law Journal, 33(2): 581-604. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/UNSWLJ/2010/25.pdf

                United States vs. American Library Association https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/02-361.ZO.html

                Gathegi, J.N. The Public Library as a Public Forum http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1296&context=si_facpub

                • 27 Mart - 2 Nisan

                  Censorship: Social Issues


                  Stanley, Tim (2014). Speaking in Code. History Today, 64(10): 19-25 http://eds.b.ebscohost.com/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=b9cf55f2-a464-42cc-a7fe-5699541090b2%40sessionmgr110&hid=114

                                                  Pornography in Society

                                                  Pornography in Libraries

                                                  Protecting Children (Books, Internet)

                  Maksl, Adam and Schraum, B. (2012). Protecting the “Impressionable Minds” from the “Impressionable Minds”: The Third-Person Effect and Student Speech. Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, 67(4): 362-374. http://jmc.sagepub.com/content/67/4/362.full.pdf+html

                  Singer, Nicky. Tale of an Innocent. Children's Literature in Education, 37(4): 305-312

                                  Gender issues

                  Cossman, Brenda (2013). Censor, Resist, Repeat: A History of Censorship of Gay and Lesbian Sexual Representation in Canada. Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy, 12(1): 45+


                  Krakus, Anna (2014). The Abuses, and Uses, of Film Censorship. Cineaste, 39(3): 3-9. http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=5b7a0cba-1bc0-46a2-b3be-d66214b309df%40sessionmgr4004&hid=4108

                  • 3 Nisan - 9 Nisan

                    Censorship: Political Issues

                    Kassof, Brian (2015). Glavlit, Ideological Censorship, and Russian-Language Book Publishing, 1922-38. Russian Review, 74(1): 69-96.

                    Francoeur, Stephen (2011). Prudence and Controversy: The New York Public Library Response to Post-War Anti-Communist Pressures. Library and Information History, 27(3): 140-160.

                                   National Security

                    Soengas, Xose (2013). The Role of the Internet and Social Networks in the Arab Uprisings – An Alternative to Official Press Censorship. Comunicar, 21(41): 147-155.

                                   Hate speech/political correctness

                                                   Trump's Hate Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPlJPOaD9TQ

                                    Consequences of conflict on cultural heritage

                                                    The Vanished Heritage of Iraq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBE6dAhHhiY

                                                    Greatest Buildings You Will Never See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLNl-yDzt6o


                    • 10 Nisan - 16 Nisan

                      Censorship: Religious

                      Anderson, Emily (2014). Containing Voices in the Wilderness: Censorship and Religious Dissent in the Japanese Countryside. Church History, 83(2): 398-421.

                      Barber, Alex (2013). ‘Why Don’t Those Lazy Priests Answer the Book?’ Matthew Tindal, Censorship, Freedom of the Press and Religious Debate in 18th-century England. History, 98(333): 680-707.

                      O’Donovan, Leo J. (2013). Theology & Censorship: A surprising History, A Hopeful Future. Commonweal, 140(7):

                      Issa, Islam (2012). Fragmentation, Censorship and an Islamic Journal: A History of the Translations of Milton into Arabic. Milton Quarterly, 46(4): 219+

                      Verkhovsky, Alexander (2013). Religion Rules. Index on Censorship, 42(4): 36-40.

                      • 17 Nisan - 23 Nisan

                        Intellectual Freedom and Privacy

                        Rubel, Alan (2014). Privacy and Positive Intellectual Freedom. Journal of Social Philosophy, 45(3): 390-407.

                        Bennett, Thomas D.C. (2014). Privacy, Free Speech and Ruthlessness: The Australian Law Reform Commission’s Report, Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era. Journal of Media Law, 6(2): 193-205.

                        Private Thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cibe1UlDiOU 

                        On Libraries... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhWKX7SxfJ8

                        • 24 Nisan - 30 Nisan

                          Intellectual Freedom in the Academy

                                          Academic Freedom

                                          The Role of Tenure

                          Porwancher, Andrew (2013). Prying the Gates Wide Open: Academic Freedom and Gender Equality at Brown University, 1974-1977.  Paedagogica Historica, 49(2): 273-292 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00309230.2012.701220

                          Fuller, Steve (2009). The Genealogy of Judgement: Towards a Deep History of Academic Freedom. British Journal of Educational Studies, 57(2): 164-177.

                          Academic Freedom satire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL4X5fTw9DI

                          India Academic freedom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBgYp4E-KVQ

                          Shogimen, Takashi (2014). Censorship, Academic Factionalism, and University Autonomy in Wartime Japan: The Yanaihara Incident Reconsidered. The Journal of Japanese Studies, 40(1): 57-85.

                          Orzeck, Reecia. Academic Freedom, Intellectual Diversity, and the Place of Politics in Geography. Antipode, 44(4): 1449-1469. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8330.2011.00965.x.

                          Minerva, Francesca (2014). New Threats to Academic Freedom. Bioethics, 28(4): 157-162. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12066.

                          Hayry, Matti (2014). Bioethics, 28(4): 170-173. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12094.

                          Bromwich, David (2012). Academic Freedom and its Opponents. Raritan, 31(3): 19-33.

                          • 1 Mayıs - 7 Mayıs

                            Intellectual Freedom and the Future

                            Horowitz, Irving L. (2011). Freedom to Read vs Freedom to Protect: New Technologies and Twenty-First Century Technologies, 42(3): 271-288.

                            Penney, J.W. (2011). Internet Access Rights: A Brief History and Intellectual Origins. William Mitchell Law Review, 38(1): 10-42.

                            Meinrath, S. and Ammori, M. (2012). Internet Freedom and the Role of an Informed Citizenry at the Dawn of the Information Age. Emory International Law Review, 26(2): 921-938.

                            ***Henrikas Yushklavitshus. Intellectual Freedom http://www.unesco.org/webworld/points_of_views/yushkiavitshus.shtml

                            • 8 Mayıs - 14 Mayıs

                              NO CLASS. Work on your paper.

                              • 15 Mayıs - 21 Mayıs

                                Papers due May 17, 2016